Fire protection is not just about protecting your business and investment; it is about saving the lives of your employees, clients, and everyone else on site.  Our certified Fire Systems are monitored to ensure rapid emergency response at the first sign of trouble, and include mass notification so occupants can evacuate immediately.  Our technicians are knowledgeable on NFPA codes and standards, and have experience working with Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) across the state of Virginia.

Our fire solutions can monitor new and existing sprinkler systems, and include the following state of the art technologies:
  • Fire Alarm Control Panels are the core of your system, and relay critical information to the monitoring station.
  • Smoke and Fire Detectors using the latest technology to respond accurately to the earliest signs of fire, and reduce false alarms. Triggering events are pinpointed by zone so authorities know exactly where to respond.
  • Manual Pull Stations that trigger audible and visual cues that there is a fire.
  • Mass notification instruments such as horns, strobes, and emergency communication that direct occupants to exit safely.
  • Duct Smoke Detectors that shut down HVAC units to reduce smoke inhalation.

Our team stays current with the latest technologies, and provides regular Fire System Inspections to ensure continued safety. Our UL listed Central Station monitors all of our systems, so you can rest assured that fire responders are dispatched urgently and accurately to reduce the damaging impacts caused by fires.