Keeping an eye on your investment is mission critical, and we provide you the ability to connect with your business no matter where you are. Our IP based solutions provide complete access to your property from the outside in, and our consultants partner with you to design a system specific to your needs and budget. With a variety of technologies to choose from, our team will utilize their industry expertise to develop the best solution for you and your business.

Our surveillance systems offer the latest advancements in analytics, and can be customized to alert you in the event of possible issues.  That could mean instant notification of a masked person approaching your facility, or as simple as monitoring a cash register every time a transaction is processed. Our innovative software can be programed with complex details in mind, or set up for broad coverage recording.  We offer equipment that provides the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom as you review recordings or watch live video.   As we design your system, we will also discuss options for onsite versus cloud storage for recorded video.   Regardless of recording device, you will be able to access live video from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Check out these examples of how surveillance can work for your business:
  • Intrusion detection at entrances and exits, and integrated with access control for employees and visitors
  • Monitoring assets such as inventory rooms, safes and POS systems, vehicle lots
  • Manage multiple locations to have constant access across your enterprise
  • Vandal proof equipment to cover high-risk areas from direct hits or gunshots
  • Notifications for motion detection in restricted areas and object tracking for missing items
  • Set schedules to monitor and alert when abnormal activity is detected outside of operating hour

Video Surveillance has you covered as a theft deterrent, loss prevention tool, and allows for employee conduct and safety monitoring. What most business owners don’t realize is that it can also be used to increase profitability and business operations. With advanced software, you can analyze trends in customer traffic flow, shopping habits, and purchasing patterns. You can also evaluate employee productivity and business efficiencies. Our surveillance systems also integrate with other solutions for security such as access control and automation.