Tru Vizion Solution brings much more to your home than JUST Security Protection, we want to help you optimize energy consumption to save you money and protect the environment as well. Gain insight to energy usage in your home with Energy Monitoring so you can implement schedules and smart controls that work for you and your family, never sacrificing comfort. We use the latest technology to create an intuitive and responsive system that helps you save automatically.

Smart thermostats offer complete management of the heating and cooling in your home, and intuitively adjust to maximize efficiency. Your system will recognize peak energy consumption times when costs are higher, and make automatic adjustments to keep your house comfortable while using the least amount of energy possible. That means cooling your house to a few degrees below normal, right before peak times, so you use less energy when the costs are higher. You can also set schedules that use less energy while you are at work, school, or on vacation, and that automatically prepare for your return so you are always comfortable when you arrive. Home sweet home!

Lighting and small appliance control helps you manage energy consumption with ease. We offer intelligent lighting Solutions that allow you to turn your lights on and off remotely, set schedules for lights to turn on automatically so no one will notice when you are away, or have lights react to other triggers in your home like arming and disarming your system.

Here are some additional ways we can help manage energy in your home:

Water Management

Sensors monitor your system for leaks, and proactively shut off water to limit damage to your home. Remote access from your smart device allows you to control valves even when you are away from home.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Immediate system shut down and emergency dispatch when sensors detect smoke, gas, or carbon monoxide in your home. Every second counts in these situations, and we have your family’s safety as our priority.