You may have seen this scene play out in movies… a handsome young man gets a call that his girlfriend is on the way over.  He runs to grab a touchscreen remote and presses the “Romance” button… instantly his blinds close, lights dim, hot tub starts bubbling, the fire starts to burn, and smooth music fills the air.   Have you dreamed of having a magic button that could set the mood, but it seemed like a far off reality for only the uber rich?  That is no longer the case!  Technology is continuously evolving and shaping the world around us, and we are empowering our customers to use technology to make their Smart Home Vizion a reality.  Whether you are an early adopter of technology looking for a complete system, or just starting to embrace the options… we have Solutions to meet your lifestyle and budget.

Home Automation combined with Security is a powerful, convenient, cost saving solution to give you complete control of your Home, right at your fingertips. Our Solutions connect all of the key devices in your home to provide a reliable, easy to use, responsive automation system to make you more aware and keep you in control. You can also set parameters for your arrival and departure, or have your home run on a schedule every day. Now your home can respond to your daily routine, taking a few more things off your plate, allowing time for the things that really matter.

Here are some ideas to start shaping your Smart Home Vizion:

Door Locks

Set up unique user ID’s and receive notification of who and when someone enters your home. With remote access, you will never have to worry about leaving a key for a guest, or turning back to make sure you locked the door on your way out. Check status of locks, and take action from anywhere.


Receive motion triggered video notifications when someone approaches your door, or answer the doorbell right from your smart device with two-way voice! When someone rings your doorbell, the chimes will be activated in your home, and any smart devices that are set up will chime simultaneously. If you missed the chime, you can still view the recorded video of your visitor.

Garage Door

Open and close your garage door, no matter where you are. Receive notifications when your garage door is left open, and when it is closed, or automatically close your garage door when your system is armed.


Did you leave the lights on?” Control lighting with daily schedules, instant manipulation from your device, or by setting up scenes for when you arm and disarm your system. Put your home to “Sleep” or “Wake Up” modes with the touch of a button, or have lights automatically turn on and off based on your Geo-Location.


Adjust thermostats on the go, run daily schedules, and add home or away modes for additional energy savings. Lean More


Reduce Energy consumption by taking advantage of the natural lighting in your home! Similar to your lighting controls, you can set daily schedules to automate your blinds or open and close them instantly with the touch of a button.


Bring your Smart Home features outside to help maintain the greenest grass in the neighborhood! Set watering schedules for your irrigation system to optimize water usage, and keep your plants and grass at its best.


Set up your home for an optimal entertainment experience for your family and guests! Create a solution for each room of the house with audio and video solutions to meet your unique needs.